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Up and coming entertainment and music mogul YRS Jerzy has been making a great stride to taking his career to the next level. He has been gaining recognition from some of the top figures and publications in music. He has recently gained the attention from Soundcloud with the indie artists tours he has put together. Soundcloud showed YRS Jerzy some love and support by sending him over a care package for all the work he is doing. There is a lot to come for YRS Jerzy and everyone around him.
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Soundcloud is one of the top steaming services around the world they are well known for breaking artists. YRS Jerzy has been making serious moves and has been just elevating everything he has going on. He is very appreciative of everything that is happening for him. He will be releasing the name and flyer for his next tour in September with Slide Dillinger and another special guest around the end of this month or early August exclusively with Hip-HopVibe.Com. There is a lot more to come just wait on it.
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Twitter: @IAMYRSJERZY @Soundcloud
IG: @YRSJerzy @Soundcloud