96' Master P Cover

Having previously supported Tyrique Shahmir on a few of his previous releases we look to continue growing through the mediums which have supported us from the beginning. Tyrique Shahmir has released his latest song today which I am excited to share with you.


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Johnson City, Tenn. – Upcoming East Tennessee recording artist Tyrique Shahmir has released his latest song titled “96 Master P” this morning. The jazz enthused track reflects Shahmir’s southern roots with reflection to his childhood idols Master P, Juvenile, & C Murda. This is one of the first releases while he gears for the release of his debut project which is coming at the top of the year.

This retro track combines a southern 90’s sound with the mind state of an ambitious kid growing up in East Tennessee. In this track Rique has a conversation with his younger self in hopes of correcting adolescent tendencies that have corrupted so many young lives. RMUR composed the retro-sounding beat that leaves one reminiscing of beepers, tall tees, & obnoxious amounts of denim.

Shahmir is an East Tennessee artist who incorporates heavy jazz & 90s hip-hop styles into his music. This is the first wave of Shahmir’s new refined sound that embraces his New York heritage and southern East Tennessee roots. For more information on Tyrique Shahmir follow him on twitter at https://twitter.com/tyriqueshahmir.

If you would like more information involving this release please reach out to me at helmermgmt@gmail.com or (423) 863-8974. Attached is Shahmir’s fact sheet; please do not hesitate with any questions.