Hailing from the small city of Lynn, Massachusetts, on the outskirts of Boston, Tony Moreaux returns with his latest single. Tony Moreaux for those unfamiliar, is a diverse artist that has the ability to craft a gritty boom bap track one day, and switch flows to an ignorant trap record the next, as well as always holding his own on any featured slot that is thrown his way. As an artist, Tony is giving you his take on life from the “regular guy” perspective without being “regular” or typical. Just like anyone else, the man has a story and he gives you just that without any fabrication.

This self produced single entitled “Tato,” is a fun, braggadocios, bass heavy joint where he speaks on the ups and downs of events occurring in the past year for him. From the accomplishments to the conflicts. A very simple, catchy joint that just about anyone can nod their head to and at some points, relate to. Stay tuned for the visuals sometime in November.






*Written, Performed & Produced by Tony Moreaux [of AMX]

*Mixed, Mastered & Cover Art by Tony Moreaux



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