“I Rise” is the first official single off their upcoming sophomore album, as NJ/Texas rap group St. Joe Louis (Michael Cardigan x Tommie Chase x Elete Wright) and featured guest Nemo Achida get reflective over an impressive Elete Wright production. The studio album titled “Cloud Club Over Everything” is scheduled for digital release on July 26.

After releasing a collaborative international EP with German producers JR & PH7 and NJ’s Brokn Englsh titled “My Favorite Demons” on Soulspazm back in 12′, St Joe Louis are returning with a new full-length LP “Cloud Club Over Everything.” For those unaware, St. Joe Louis are a trio comprised of producer/emcee (Elete Wright), and two MC’s (Michael Cardigan and Tom Chase). After multiple studio sessions in which the group and extended affiliates eventually created something other than a mess of bottles, ash and fast food. They finally managed to slowly piece together a complete project from top to bottom, and as a result of the cave dwelling, bacchanalian chaos, the movement dubbed “The Cloud Club” was born.



*Written & Performed by St. Joe Louis & Nemo Achida

*Produced & Mixed by Elete Wright

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