“The Smoovement Vol. 1” is a compilation album featuring the entire Smoove Gang Entertainment roster showcasing their stories, talents, chemistry and the distinctive style each artist brings to the table. The full roster consists of Wendall ScottHector MarcianoYoung MistahKing PoeticG$Kaye Von and M.C.H. The rest of the full-length features fellow Boston artists such as OxZilla Tarantino, Tim Nihan, Token, Composition and Paranom, all lending their talents to a full spectrum of King PoeticJon Glass [Glasshouse Production] and LightFoot [AR Classics] production. S.M.O.O.V.E. Gang brings a cohesive, unique flavor to the scene, blending the roots of the old school with today’s new school taste for music lovers of all ages.




01.) The Message [Intro]

02.) Feel That (feat. Hector Marciano) (Producer: Jon Glass)

03.) Enjoy The Movie (feat. Wendall Scott) (Producer: King Poetic)

04.) Never Love (feat. Young Mistah & Marciano) (Producer: King Poetic)

05.) Fear No Man (feat. G$) (Producer: King Poetic)

06.) Pardon My Smoove (feat. King Poetic) (Producer: King Poetic)

07.) For Real (feat. Young Mistah) (Producer: Young Mistah)

08.) Wake Up Call (feat. Kaye Von)

09.) Gifted (feat. M.C.H.)

10.) They’ll Never Understand (feat. Young Mistah, Wendall Scott & Hector Marciano) (Producer: LightFoot)

11.) Smoove Till Death (feat. Wendall Scott & G$) (Producer: King Poetic)

12.) Bring It Home (feat. Hector Marciano & King Poetic)

13.) What They Wanna Hear (feat. Wendall Scott, Token, Composition & Paranom) (Producer: Jon Glass)

14.) Bounce (feat. Wendall Scott & Tim Nihan) (Producer: King Poetic)

15.) UDKTH (feat. Hector Marciano, Wendall Scott & Oxzilla Tarantino) (Producer: King Poetic)

16.) Talkin’ Bout Us [Outro] (Producer: King Poetic)


*Written & Performed by SmooveGang Entertainment

*Engineered by David “LightFoot” Bellows


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