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Representing LMS Music, one of the fastest growing indie labels in Tennessee, Sip Jackson releases “Liberation.”  Liberation is a song about clarity, maturation, and gaining a proper perspective on life.  Originally in college on a football scholarship, Sip always had a passion for music.  From freestyling with friends, to downloading countless mixtapes, the diverse range of music he listens to can be credited for his sound.  His effortless delivery and laid back approach can often give the impression that he isn’t trying. However, the uplifting lyrics and underlying messages of many of his songs give listeners an introspective look as to how he feels during his recording process.  An ability that has become rare in today’s watered down hip-hop culture.

As he began to see his music more of as a profession than a hobby, Sip eventually quit playing football and left college to become a full time recording artist. A dream his mother didn’t fully support which continues to motivate him today. With a bright future ahead of him and a blossoming career, “Liberation” seems right, as Sip finally feels free of some of the stresses that weighed on his conscious in the past.

Soundcloud: Sip Jackson – Liberation

Twitter: @SipSaidSo


Thank You,

Lucas Helmer

Twitter/IG: @SkywalkerTN

Artist Management – LMS Music

Owner – Kush Culture Clothing

(423) 863-8974


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