The highly magnetic album, ‘Raised in the Ghetto, Went to School in the Burbs,’ is an honest, unrestrained depiction of Re-Surch’s unique and rocky upbringing. The tracks on the record are seamlessly woven together by the talented rapper in order to spark intrigue in the listener as they hear about the hardships and triumphs he has faced. The playful, comedic persona that Re-Surch embodies on the track ‘Raised in the Ghetto, Went to School in the Burbs,’ mimics the paradoxical theme of being brought up in indigent surroundings in Dorchester while going to school with privileged white children in the suburbs.
One experience Re-Surch details on the album is the life changing opportunity of interning for the Howard Stern Show where he became fondly known as ‘John the Black Intern,’ and where he decided to completely focus on achieving his dreams in the entertainment industry. Previous to interning for Howard Stern, Re-Surch was on a harrowing path plagued by everything from juvenile detention at a young age to getting stabbed multiple times over drugs. Eventually, Re-Surch dropped out of high school. If you like Hip-Hop and Humour, give this album a listen!
01.) Sal Governale [Intro]
02.) Famous Girls I’d Like To Fuck
03.) Sal Governale “Please, Please” [Skit]
04.) Things You Say To Get The Pussy
05.) Jose Cuervo (feat. Wax)
06.) Sal Governale “Party” [Skit]
07.) Party All Night
08.) Because I Love This Shit
09.) Sal Governale “Good Stuff” [Skit]
10.) I’m Goin Hardcore [Sylvester Stallone]
11.) Raised In The Ghetto Went To School In The Burbs
12.) Sal Governale “Cocky” [Skit]
13.) C.O.C.K.Y
14.) Sal Governale “Don’t Call Me” [Skit]
15.) Plan A Trip This Weekend
16.) Sea Of Love
17.) Sal Governale “Still Tryin” [Skit]
18.) Make You Happy
19.) Sal Governale “Some Of Them” [Skit]
20.) Never Fall For A White Girl
21.) Sal Governale Nothin Better
22.) Get Tha Keg
23.) Sal Governale “Rap” [Skit]
24.) L.A. Blast
25.) Sal Governale “Back Down” [Skit]
26.) Every Step I Climb
27.) Fill It Up
28.) Sal Governale “You Get Fucked” [Skit]
29.) This Time
30.) Sal Governale [Outro]

*Executive Produced by Malcolm Albert, Tom Lato & Re-Surch
*Written & Performed by Re-Surch / Mixed by Ryan Todd
*Hosted by Sal Governale [Howard Stern Show]

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