Rap artist Pop Vinci was born and raised in Miami, Fl. Growing up Pop Vinci always had a passion for music. Pop Vinci is a multi talented individual not only can this guy rap he is the CEO of a popular tour in Miami call the Rehearsal Tour.

Pop Vinci Manages a few artist and he is also running a indie label call P.O.P Music Group. He also has his on film and photography company called Vinci films. Pop Vinci receive his stage name from working with a friend who was an independent artist  by the name of Big Dog. Although Pop Vinci did not have any family members that were in the music industry, he gain at lot of his influence from 90’s music. Pop Vinci first single release came out on Valentine’s Day 2015 call Cuff Season and this record is still pulling in listeners. His new single release June 28 is making a lot of noise this fall in title trying to live. This record speaks directly to the ladies who came to his hometown Miami to have a great time, trying to live has been feature on many popular hiphop sites an it is a timeless record buy your copy today on every major music digital site in the world.   

Instagram: @Pop_Vinci
Twitter: @Vincipop1