This week Shaloma Muzik Recordings has extended it’s roster once more, welcoming the new addition of rapper, Go-T Nqwelo.

A founding member of the 3rd.Grave.1.0.2 Movement, Go-T is not your average township kid. The rapper, who currently studies in Stellenbosch, released his first single ‘Kingz & Queenz‘ in July last year for Graveyard Gang’s collective mixtape, a project purposed to bring about unity in the Cape Town Southern District Hip-Hop scene. This collective is composed of Go-T and fellow friends N-jay.52, Blaq Konscious and MillzXy, all upcoming artist representing the heart of their community.

Kingz & Queenz‘ accumulated 370 downloads by July 18th, 2014 – after it’s release on July 1st through DataFileHost, Bozza and Soundcloud. Shortly thereafter Go-T was managed by Steven Mokopane, A&R and artist manager for the label. Mokopane invited Go-T’s collective-mate N-Jay.52 to an Music Generation-exhibited event, and followed up on the collective’s work, promoting them on the Music Generation Apparel blog.

“We are so grateful to be part of the most trending freshest brands in the streets of Cape Town, as hosted by Steve” said Go-T, upon joining Shaloma. It is through Mokopane’s association to the label, that he offered Go-T the opportunity to extend his musical aspirations.

In the week building up to Good Friday, the label reviewed Go-T’s artistry and decided to include the artist in their development plans, as a representative of township-life. This is a perspective and target audience Shaloma Muzik very much intends to focus on and extend to in it’s reach.

Project Manager, Nathan Theunis confirms this statement. “Our aim in music is always to remain relevant to the people. We focus on making music, that in itself is an expression of art. Through Go-T’s efforts we can sense an artist with the willingness to express himself and voice an opinion of the local culture.”

We hope you’re looking forward to hearing what Go-T has to offer in future, now that his part of this new and dynamic creative team.

“It’s More Than Music, It’s Art”

Shaloma Muzik Recordings