T.H.E.M. Recordings have unleashed their Animal PAK on the world. “Animal Planet” is hosted/mixed by the legendary DJ Evil Dee (of Black Moon), featuring the godfather Kool G Rap. The supergroup consists of pure animalistic rage and hunger manifested in the form of lyrical feasting, under the leadership of Don Streat. The PAK terrorizes tracks and venues across the nation and overseas, with backdrops provided by an array of international craftsmen, led by Dichter2Productions (Germany), Cool FDAlterbeats (France), These Handz (Belguim+UK), Hazernomical, Cayoz The Beast, Vanderslice (USA) and more.


“Animal PAK” consists of 10 powerful solo artists that span from California to Maine, and Baltimore to New York. The kennel of lycans include Dready KrugerDon StreatUnreal, Mic HandzCayoz The Beast, Senica Da MisfitMacabeatsJigsawO*Zee and Dichter2Productions. I pray the world is ready… and I beg of you… “DONT FEED THE ANIMALS!”






01.) Animal Pak [Intro] (Produced by DJ Grazzhoppa)
02.) The City (Produced by Cool FD)
03.) VS (Produced by Vanderslice)
04.) Quid Pro Quo (Produced by Cool FD)
05.) Slow Burn (feat. Do It All) (Produced by V-12)
06.) The Pak (Produced by J Hart)
07.) Sleeper Cell (Produced by DRUGSBEATS)
08.) World We Live In (Produced by Pyro)
09.) Thorn of Roses (Produced by Hazernomical)
10.) Murder Wordplay (Produced by These Handz)
11.) Bas Tard [Remix] (Produced by These Handz)
12.) Vietnam Kidz (feat. Kool G Rap) [Remix] (Produced by These Handz)
13.) Top Tier (Produced by M.W.P.)
14.) Kingdom (Produced by Macabeats)
15.) Letras Liquidos (Produced by Cayoz The Beast)
16.) Fluxx Wit it [Remix] (Produced by These Handz)
17.) Dumb Wit it (Produced by Cool FD)
18.) No Mistakes (Produced by O*Zee) [Bonus]
*Written & Performed by Animal PAK

*Mixed & Hosted by DJ Evil Dee [of Black Moon]



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