M1uRadioSN Music Charts


Despite the growth of digital media, Online radio airplay is becoming the essential way for musicians to achieve commercial success.

Climbing the Chart on M1uRadio can show how a song rises, or can fail to rise up the radio airplay charts.

M1uRadio Charts, gives M1uRadio Members, a look at the relationships between you, and the public when submitting there Music and Videos, M1uRadio has tried to develop a clear picture of the roles of key players and the gate-keeping mechanisms in the commercial music & radio station industry.

Along the way, climbing the music charts on M1uRadio & Becoming Active in M1uRadioSN will increase artist views, and be relayed to the public via many popular similarly related websites and radio stations’ with the abilities to dictate your hits, and shows for your music’s developments.

How your song & videos diffuses throughout the nation to become a massive success depends solely on the individual.

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