M1uRadio\’s New Main Page Design is the new premium of M1uRadio.

M1uRadio\’s Wall Derived from the passion for the Facebook Wall design, M1uRadio aims to be the epicenter for Musicians Music & Video Post

Along With Our M1uRadio Live Radio Rotation..

With this new design & secret weapon,





M1uRadio Members are now fully capable to start posting your own music & videos toM1uRadio\’s Website & wall in no time.

allowing M1uRadio users to fully utilize listening & posting your music and videos.

(we said so, and we meant it).

M1uRadio\’s New Wall Design is perfect for musicians Music/ Video posts with lots of content on the M1uRadio Main Wall,

which will allow all our visitors to view your music in a simple and nice way,

while continuing to let your music & video content shine.