Welcome To M1uRadio’s Credit’s Page.

M1uRadio was a solo, project, Created By:

CEO and Underground Music Producer of M1 Entertainments, M1.


M1uRadio – all credits, pages, connections, social networking pages, logo’s and design’s for M1uRadio, Including on M1uRadio.com’s website’s, Facebook pages, Last.fm and Twitter pages has been the hard work and dedication of M1’s Creation, Including custom code to the linking all M1uRadio’s musician post and content data from M1uRadio.com with major online outlets for musicians.

In the beginning of M1uRadio’s creation,  M1 contacted many artists and contributors about the Idea of M1uRadio.

Most, who were contacted by M1, who were on board with making M1uRadio a better website for others.

Once M1uRadio was deployed for the world, There was no contribution from any of these people other than M1. Waiting on people to test features or contribute to M1uRadio, M1 decided it wasn’t in the best interest of these members, to actually contribute to the M1uRadio Community & to not to let the actions of a hand few, stop his creation and ideas of the M1uRadio website developments as he began reconstructing M1uRadio on his own.

This only created more motivation into taking the time to contribute more to M1uRadio.com, Creating all you see today before you on M1uRadio.com and our Social Networking Pages was done by M1.

M1uRadio has since, been becoming a better musician and live online radio station for our fellow musicians online who are now using M1uRadio.com to promote there music sent to M1uRadio.

With daily test’s, adding tons of features and coding for new future features, daily new content, logo’s and more, The dedication from M1, has solely made The M1uRadio Community continue to grow into a well musician website and online radio station for our users.

None of these contacted members have decided to contact further pursue on the Developments of M1uRadio.

Ironic isn’t it.

As of this post, There are no Partners of M1uRadio.com

As we are currently negotiating partnership opportunities with many new labels, artists, web developers and webmasters with interest in the development of M1uRadio’s and there future as a whole.

Currently, There are no partners of M1uRadio.com.

M1 has taken the necessary time and dedication needed to create M1uRadio on a full scale. M1uRadio was solely built from the ground up, from creating a Brand to Networking to the recreation of our M1uRadio home page for Last.fm integration of your music to hosting live events from users who contacted us as a collaboration.

M1uRadio Servers were purchased by M1, IP’s and Dedicated Connection from our ISP, Every networking page, Has been coded and created for M1uRadio’s website and developments, regarding any M1uRadio.com content’s are the sole dedication of M1’s hard work, creation, and Intellectual Property of M1 to keep M1uRadio, and the M1uRadio.com services provided by M1, to our M1uRadio users, so they may have the best M1uRadio experience while listening promoting and sharing there music while playing on M1uRadio’s live radio station 24/7.

Partner’s of M1uRadio.com may be considered in the future of M1uRadio.

M1 has been working with a VP, on a promotional level, in promoting new events and opportunities for M1uRadio visitors in the future to come. Some of these event’s have already been posted on M1uRadio Main for members booking and official artist’s tournament opportunities, performances, along with the performances of a few major artist’s which we posted footage for. More events will be posted from this label to us, hosted by the Label, The VP of the Label, M1, and M1uRadio on a Joint Venture to Push your music the furthest possible.

As we further negotiate with the VP of the label that reached out, The VP of the label may contribute these Events and Venue’s to M1uRadio Main or our social networking pages for your promotion and musician networking on a broader scale.

All partners of M1uRadio will be Officially be listed on this M1uRadio Credit Page once we fully establish a collaboration agreement of these events, to avoid any confusion and misinformation from others who claim to be a part of the creativity of M1’s work in the creation of M1uRadio’s website and continued Developments.

Talk about it members, with no contributions on the development of M1uRadio websites, other than the run around game and promoting M1uRadio to gain recognition for your OWN musician projects, will not be listed here as a part of M1uRadio.com credits.

We don’t not need people who slack on there own field of business.

Thank you for taking the time to view our:

Official M1uRadio’s Credit Page..

Additions to the M1uRadio credits for members of the Future of M1uRadio, will be added upon more contributions to the development of M1uRadio, Collaborations and other Projects other than M1, to the M1uRadio Network.

M1 expects this page to have more REAL official contributors, developers and Official artist to be added to this page real soon.

As M1uRadio and M1 along with the VP of a Major Label are working on many new connections to Push your music out there, while they host, promote and invite you to live performance in front of Signed Artist and Labels for feedback.

Be sure to contact us for your slots on these events provided by the people we are currently working with..

More about the Creation Of M1uRadio


The Goal of M1 in the creation of M1uRadio was to provide a Live Radio Outlet for Musicians who want there music to play on a live radio station online.

Many new artist’s are subject to ridiculous fee’s to get herd.  Me being also affiliated with many musicians i decided to close that gap and provide a Quality Radio Station based out in New York City for all musicians regardless of where there feet are, Can visit M1uRadio, upload and share there music content with anyone who wants to hear it while giving these artist the oppourtunity to get herd on M1uRadio’s Live Radio Station .

Most members of the Music Community have to Pay for Radio Air Play from the Major’s, while M1 Provides a free way to Air your music while also Relaying your music to our Last.FM page for stats and more purchases for your music on the many major music distribution online outlets online.

Thanks for your time and patience.