M1uRadio has now unlocked our contributor group.

Registering to M1uRadio Main, You are now able to upload and contribute your songs directly to M1uRadio Main.

M1uRadio Registered users can create post and submit it for review to M1uRadio Main.

M1uRadio will submit and receive all music submissions, along with our public M1uRadio Main Email And Radio Submissions.

M1uRadio Contributor’s – somebody who can write and manage their own posts but cannot publish them. M1uRadio Staff will Publish all submissions after a brief review.


Video Uploads Are Not Allowed on M1uRadio Main!

You may share your videos but we do not allow direct uploads of videos.

M1uRadio Main contains a Video SHARE Button,:


Use This Button to import Youtube & videos from numerous video sites.

Direct uploading of mp4,flv,etc will be Removed.

or register and Use M1uRadioSN for additional video submissions.

Album/Mixtape .zip Uploads:

a .zip compressed file can be uploaded with full albums not exceeding uploads of 500MB each.

.zip must contain your .mp3 along with album or mixtape cover, if submitting a full album..

Excessive Music Uploading Without Creating Post’s Will Result In Immediate Removal as M1uRadio Main.

Creating  .zip Post’s Or Music Submission Post:

Check this video out on how to create a post on M1uRadio Main.

Keep in mind this video may be old and some features may have been depreciated from M1uRadio Main!