In preparation of ASN’s (MA) forthcoming album/mixtape series ‘The Music Man (Vol. 1, 2 & 3) comes the A/B singles ‘Everybody Got It’ and ‘Calling Out (And The List Goes On), as featured on last months ‘The Uprising’ compilation. With an unconventional flow, ASN is setting out his stall with an unfiltered conscious, lyrical dexterity, showcased in each of these cuts. The A-side ‘Everybody Got It’ highlights his disassociation with the mainstream, calling out some noteworthy rappers you might be familiar with, produced by the legendary duo Da Beatminerz.




As a bonus, the B-side single ‘Calling Out (And The List Goes On) features a dark, soulful track by Tokyo Cigar, where ASN speaks on broken dreams, innocent lives lost (like the Connecticut school shootings, the Boston Marathon bombings, etc.) and losing faith in the value of good karma. All in all, people who like some intellectual content in their music are likely to love what the Boston emcee is bringing to the table, assisted by the ideal musical backdrops to allow the bars to shine.


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